2016 activities

june 2016:

  • Construction of access road for trucks destined for Nepali Children home.
  • Acquire stones for the foundation of Nepali Children home (in total 8 truck loads).
  • Stones are being carved from rocks in the mountains.
  • Choice of house design.

may 2016:

  • Tree's were cut for making doors en windows-frame's.
  • Ginger harvested so the land is now available for the building of Nepali Children home.
  • A design for the Nepali Children home is created bij an architect.
  • Acquired subsidy for building home. (Some $2000,00 is available from the Nepal government for people hit by the earthquake and who are now rebuildeing a quake resistant house). Nepali Children home is build on the land owned by the parent of Ram Prasad Sedhain.

april 2016:

  • Architect contacted for making designs of the house.
  • Manufacturer contacted for delivery of prefab building materials.

march 2016:

Progression in builden the Nepali Children home.

  • Acquired and installed watertank (1 m3) .
  • Search for a new watersource up on the mountain.

january / february 2016:

Jolanda Bijl started as an intern at the local school in Madanpur:

  • In order to get aquinted with the Nepal school system.
  • Get to know the children en people.
  • Learn the Nepali language
  • Promote Nepali Children foundation

2015 activities

28 may:

Talk to teacher at local school to promote the plans for Nepali Children foundation.

27 may:

talks with locals in order to find a location to build the Nepali Children home.

People in the village of Madanpur as are the parent of Ram Prasad Sedain are all enthusiastic about the plans for Nepali Children Everybody wants toe help in their own way:

  • The parents of Ram make available a piece of land to build the Nepali Children home.
  • School teacher wil help in selecting the children who wil take part.

We get a tip: If you really want to be meaningful for the village, you have tot bind the right kind of local people at the right time tot your foundation.

And above all: Select the right children.

11 may:

Talks with a university professor to present him our plans with Nepal Children.

This professor is very enthusiastic about possibilities and our change on succeeding. He points out that 60% of student, belonging to the poorest Nepali, cannot continue their education because they are living below the minim level off income to survive. Those student are forced to give up on their studies to help their families raise an income just to survive. There is simply no money to attend school!

  • Making a choice where the children will attend school: Private (€ 20,00 monthly) or public (free of charge). The quality of the schools differ greatly, although there are some positive developments.