Lucie Kvasničková, Czech Republic.

mei juni 2016
This year, I spent one month- May in Nepalese village Madanpur, Nuwakot district. I´ve had an oppotunity to see a real life in the Nepali family and work like a volunteer on a Health Post. Before my arrival I couldn´t imagine Nepalies life, their conditions and low resources.. In Europe, I live comfortable and little wastefully, but in this land are things very different, the richness is hidden in people hearts.

When I came to Madanpur, I felt like a princess, a family hosted me as much as possible and helped me to be satisfated. Everyday I had tasty food made with love - DhalBath which is consist from rice , lentil soup and vegetable, all is cooked on a small earthen stove running for wood, in the house is also possible use a gas or electricity, but this special cooking practice is the best. I lived there with mother, father, grandma, grandpa and uncle, other family members - three brothers with their wives - came alternately on weekends. In the house are´t any children, but neirbours have some, so I had immediately a lot small friends curious for a white European girl :) Moreover, they helped me with a translation, if I need something from my new family. Here speak english only uncle Ram, who wasn´t all the time at home. I also try to speak Nepali language, but with a very funny and poor pronouncion.. :)

On the Health Post, I´ve met nice women - Loxmi and Rosmi, which helped me aclimatized and cooperated in the body treatment local people. I tried to work in the best way like a physiotherapist and help what was needed.

Overall, I have good feelings from my staying in Nepal, I met lots of new friends, aquired a own view on this land and try a different lifestyle, if I´m not counting some my health troubles, I was happy in Nepal and enjoyed it. I want to thank my friends from Sedhain family, which took care about me and helped me implemented all my wishes. I appreciate it.