Nepali Children


When I, Jolanda Bijl came to Nepal for the first time, I immediately felt as if I belonged here. Just like everyone else visiting Nepal, I experienced the Nepali hospitality, their nice and friendly way of engaging strangers. I will never forget this. Also their honesty and open mindedness made a deep impression on me. All this made me realize I wanted to spent more time in Nepal as soon as possible.

How to realize this?

I discussed this with Nepali: a lot of Nepali depend on tourists for their income . So we came up with the idea to organize trekkings. In order to stand out between all other travel agencies our trekkings need to be special. By touring around Nepal, I made up my mind and chose the purpose of trekkings: During one of my trekkings I met some very young children working in the lodges along the mountain trails. These children labour hard to earn their living because their parents are to poor to provide for them. These children are condemned to do this work for the rest of their lives. I really wanted to help these young kids, enabling them to create a better existence for themselves. It felt wrong to see such potential go to waste because they are unable to get an education. I want to help them create a future. At that time I was accompanied by Ram Prashad Sedhain. He immediately agreed to help me realize this project. We started Nepali Children foundation to raise money and use all profits to help these kids. ( The profits of all travels is helping Nepali Children.

Nepali Children foundation.

Nepali Children foundation is run by Nepali for Nepali. My role is just supportive. The basic goal is to help children from poor families to get education. It is custom in Nepal to set children to work in exchange for food and shelter. This means they have to manually work hard and long hours in lodges. So there is no time left for education. The effect is they have no opportunity to change their lives because they are illiterate. They only learn from the habits of their parents or their employer. They follow seemless in the habits of their peers and never thinking to improve their situation by using new and better tools or work method’s. Nepali Children will help these kids in different ways. First of all a place to stay, healthy meals and access to primary and secondary schools. When they reach the age of 16, they can then learn a profession or attend university.

If you want to donate?

Use this bank account:

NL 22 TRIO 0390 9111 94 in name of Nepali Children

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Last update: 19 June 2016