Money is raised in multiple ways to get the foundation started:

  • Preparing a road to Nepali Children home.
  • Building and maintenance of Nepali Children home.
  • Acquire necessary inventory for Nepali Children home.
  • Creating vegetable garden
  • Administrative costs like registration costs, banking costs, website costs etc.
  • Paying expenses and salary for staff and volunteers.

A lot of volunteers from the Netherlands help raise funds:

The foundations provides

  • all costs for the children staying at Nepali Children home. Nepali calculated the costs for (food, shelter, education, clothes, basic medical care) to be €100,00 montly.
  • provide income for Ram Prashad Sedhain.
  • monthly payment for the family who kindly offered us the space where Nepali Children home is located.

Operational incomes

  • overnight stay for tourists (e.g.
  • journeys for tourists
  • healing by Jolanda Bijl
  • selling Nepali handicraft and agricultural produces
  • donations
  • Rental rooms

Volunteers attribute in multiple ways trying to get funds:

  • A lot of people are helping on fairs selling Nepali handycraft
  • Rianne Laarman and Jolanda Bijl give lectures about living in Madanpur and about Nepal in general.
  • Donations: A lot of people give generously to support the goals of Nepali Children foundation. Employers buy Nepali handicraft from our web shop and to give as a present to their employees.
  • A network is build up to promote Nepali Children foundation, more and more people are willing to help with this effort.
  • Jolanda Bijl puts a lot of effort into the Nepali Children foundation. This is done solely based on her altruistic feeling toward the Nepali and the country without any financial compensation.

All profits will be spend to Nepali Children foundation.