Give children a future.

The purpose of Nepali Children foundation is to give children, coming from financial poor families, a chance to study. Nepali Children foundation will provide for these kids in many ways: offer them a place to stay, healthy meals and enabling them to attend primary and secondary school. During their school period, from the age of 4 to 16, these kids are free to attend school without feeling hungry and without any pressure of their families to generate income. These circumstances make concentrating in school possible. After this school period they are able to learn a profession or go to university. Children stay in Nepali Children home as long as they need. They receive everything they need like:

  • food
  • dave place to stay
  • loving and caring
  • education

After leaving the Nepali Children home, they stand on their own feet, but if necessary they can count on Nepali Children foundation for help.

Long terms goals.

More and more people will get involved in Nepali Children. Even in the early stages of the foundation we notice peoples willingness to participate. This will:

  • build their sustainable future
  • enhance their income
  • give them new insights into hygiene and alternative ways of handling their enviroment
  • enhance their personal development Also educational project about modern agricultural will affect them on a positive way.