Give children a future.

The purpose of Nepali Children Foundation is to give children, coming from financial poor families, a chance to study. During their school period these kids are free to attend school without feeling hungry and without any pressure of their families to generate income. These circumstances will them to concentrate at school and other activities that is needed for children’s growth. After their school period they would be able to learn a profession or go to university.

Children also can stay in Nepali Children Hostel as long as they need.

Besides, more and more people will get involved in Nepali Children Foundation. Even in the early stages of the foundation we noticed peoples willingness to participate. This will:

  • build their bright future.
  • enhance their income.
  • give them new insights into hygiene and alternative ways of handling their environment.
  • start a lot of new projects to be aware of life and society enrichment.
  • create a network where, who and which help is needed by people.

Nowadays a few projects are running to realize the goals:

  • Organize a lunch program on a school with 31 students.
  • Nepali Children Hostel.
  • Dental awareness program.
  • Donate clothes.
  • Start ‘Sponsor a Child’ program, in which children can stay at their home but get extra support for education.
  • Menstruation (specially in remote areas) is considered as something impure and curse for women. Nepali Children Foundation will provide awareness program about it and help them live healthy lives. Project will be targeted at both females and males.