Guest House

Goal of Nepali Children Hostel

The goal of Nepali Children Foundation is to help children that have not any to chance to follow education. She likes to help them by sheltering, giving food en supporting education till the age of 18 years. After they have to bring their qualifications into practice or started another study.

At Nepali Children Hostel we supply all they need. By the Western culture it will be: food, shelter, love and attention and education. After they have moved out from the hostel, they always can ask for any support if they like.

Nepali Children hostel, will only shelter 25 children. We choose to live together like a huge family because the feeling of being loved is most important in life.

February 2020 the hostel opened her doors at Hemja (Pokhara).


To give the children the feeling of safety they need staff that will be at the hostel permanent and the staff will be support them as their own mom. This staff can also be host for volunteers. Different staff members has different skills. They feel respected and be happy if Nepali Children Foundation will use their abilities and do all work together. This teamwork will be the basic of our hostel organization.

Self supporting

In Nepal we try the Nepali Children Hostel is running without donations. This means she has to find sources for imcome. This will create a safe structure for future.

It will be possible because Jolanda:

  • will run a guesthouse "Home of Nepal" and she will donate profit from the guesthouse to Nepali Children Hostel
  • will organize holidays and she will donate profit from the holidays to Nepali Children Hostel
  • goes every summer to The Netherlands for earning money. She will give lectures, cooking classes, charity diners and will find other sources of income as well.