Social activities 2020

From 2020 March 24 all activities of Nepali Children are determined by the government rules of Covid-19. That day a long time of lockdown started. The effects are incredible: Nepali who are working in foreign countries became jobless and did not send any penny anymore to their families, and many Nepali became jobless and had no income anymore. For these two reasons a lot of Nepali returned to their hometown and started farming. If they had a small land, they were lucky because they had at least food. Unused land during last years, changed into agricultural land again. Other people had no other option than begging for food. Many people realized it is better to do hard physical work, be depended of climate than to have a city live, be depended on not-natural sources or try to copy the European or American lifestyle.

Emergency relief

Many people suffered because the government gave only little support by distributing little food and at past people had no opportunity to safe money for difficult circumstances. Therefore Nepali Children tried to help with an emergency relief program. This programme was very succesful. During a short period Nepali Children helped 400 families with food packages. One packages contained enough food for 3 or 4 weeks. And we also helped around 4000 people with daily food. Luckily, after 2 month the government re-opened the work at the highway and people had again imcome. A few weeks later the rice planting season started and other people also had work on daily based salary.

During our emergency relief program we visited a home for homeless and disabled people. There lived two children, Habir and Samel. The staff asked us to give a home for these children. We decided to take care of them and since June they are living at Nepali Children Hostel. From that moment we take care of 6 children.

All other projects are not done by lockdown.

A new school for Nepali Children Hostel children

Nepali Children found a school which teaches by “direct teaching” and “motivational training”. It is a Western type of teaching. This school is very innovative as well. She started very early with e-classes, online classes and homework by computer. This school is located far away from Nepali Children Hostel and therefore she has to migrate. We decided to make the building ourselves and therefore Nepali Children is independent on the landowner. This gives more safety for her children. Another advantage is, that the new location is close to the house of Nepali Children board members Bodharaj and Jolanda. Now they have the opportunity to guide the children and Ganga a lot. Nepali Children is located at a beautiful place, with a huge vegetable garden and a place to play.

Dashain program

We collected money to buy playing items for Nepali Children Hostel children. After finishing their homework, they can now play many sports like badminton, football, volleyball, basketball, a daily workout, et cetera. Their life has now a more luxury lifestyle.

Sponsor children

Unfortunately, we ended 2020 with 7 less sponsor parents. Seven children are not sponsored for their education anymore. Do you know someone who want to help a child by donate €175 for his education? Please contact us by jolanda@nepalichildren.com or financieel@nepalichildren.com.

YouTube channel

This year Nepali Children started her own YouTube channel. It is a fantastic medium to update everybody about Nepali Children and her activities. Also the"motivational speeches" of Bodharaj and Jolanda wil be posted. plugin:youtube Please subscribe this channel, so Nepali Children can change the channel name into Nepali Children.

Nepali Children feel very pleased by this convulvive year …….

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