Melanie, Gemany

december 2016
I'm sitting here with my Ginger-Lemon-Tea, outside the prayer-Flags are blowing in the wind and i smell the odor of the incense sticks. No, i'm not in Nepal any more...i'm in Germany/Bavaria and it's christmas Time...but i still want and try to be in Nepal 😉 One week ago i was together with my Nepali-Host-Family showing them how we celebrate the 4th of Advent in the catholic way with candles, biscuits and "Glühwein". Only 2,5 weeks i spent in Nepal but it feels like 2 much impressions i could get within this short time- impressions of the real life in the village, the wonderfull nature and mountains meanwhile our Langtang-Valley-Trekk, the relaxing Atmosphare at Pokhara..and so much of the nepali culture and religion. That was amazing and most important for me...of course i was an usual Tourist..but had the chance not feeling like this. Ram brought me to special places and hinduism ceremonies, a Baby was born in "our Family" and i could always ask all my questions. Jolanda guided me to wonderfull places in Kathmandu and Baktapur...was always so flexible and made me feel like a princess 😉 I'm very thankfull having the opportunity to stay with them and would recommend everybody to do the same!!

Chiara Lucia, Schotland.

october 2016
"I feel so happy to have met Ram, Jolanda and all the family. Hearing about the work they are doing within Nepali Children and seeing the positive changes they are making to people's lives has been extremely inspiring and heartwarming. Being welcomed as part of the family and invited into their home was a wonderful experience for me, the hospitality and kindness shown was beautiful, I only wish I could have stayed longer and definitely plan to return in future. Big thank you to everyone and I wish you all the success, you guys deserve it"

Jenni, Germany.

october/november 2016
There was a woman in a trekking shop in Thamel in Kathmandu who seemed to know about the trekking stuff prices and quality. It was my second day in Nepal. Soon she invited me for my first Nepali Shia Tea and the first Mo:Mo's. She was talking about her Nepali Life in her Nepali clothes: blue-red Kurtha (Nepali woman clothes). My first impression was „why is she living for so long time in this dirty chaotic unorganized crazy city? Hääää?“ Jolanda invited me to stay at a Nepali Family, her home, her life, to know about their children project and discover a real Nepali family life.
My further plans to stay at a buddhist monestry were fixed and after, I came curiously back to Kathmandu to visit Rams family. Jolanda gave me always the message „come whenever you feel ready to dive in the life of a nepali family“. In Nepal is everyone, every second so flexible and adapting quickly on new situations without any expectations. Living in the moment is here true reality.
I would say I stayed a looooooooooooong time in Rams Family, I guess it was a week or so. Full of harmony, welcome feeling, laughing, talking about our different cultures and habitutes. Lunch at 10 o`clock? Eating with the right hand? How to celebrate hunduist festivals? Here you will get definitly the BEST DAHL BAHT. HO (Yes). In Thamel in a hotel you cant experience this. They made everything that I feel well. Deeply giving is everyones true nature. Also I booked a trek at Rams Agency. With his brother I went trekking in the Annapurna region (Mardi Himal). This was a „wow“ experience. If you come to Nepal, go trekking for a short or long time. If you are not a trekking nature and like more visiting around – Ram will show you whatever you wanna see and know and organize everything. Especially the secret spots in pure Nepal. Take this chance if you are coming to Nepal and stay at this family. THANK YOU, DANKESCHÖN and NAMASTE to all of you :) See you, Jenni

Nienke Bosman

oktober 2016
How it eventually turned into an unforgettable journey in a wonderful country. Loved the amazing Himalayan views, the friendly Nepali people. Enjoyed the small villages, and in the end even the big (dusty) city, the safaris (especially the one where we stand face to face with a rhino), the countless temples and eating dal bhat twice a day. - How can one country give you such a hard time and steal your heart in the same time. Dherei dhanyabat Nepal.

Special thanks to Jolanda and Ram and his family for taking me under their wings the first weeks of my stay in Nepal. (Do you also want to visit Nepal? -! And do also take a look at the website of their Nepali Children Foundation -

Lucie Kvasničková, Czech Republic.

mei juni 2016
This year, I spent one month- May in Nepalese village Madanpur, Nuwakot district. I´ve had an oppotunity to see a real life in the Nepali family and work like a volunteer on a Health Post. Before my arrival I couldn´t imagine Nepalies life, their conditions and low resources.. In Europe, I live comfortable and little wastefully, but in this land are things very different, the richness is hidden in people hearts.

When I came to Madanpur, I felt like a princess, a family hosted me as much as possible and helped me to be satisfated. Everyday I had tasty food made with love - DhalBath which is consist from rice , lentil soup and vegetable, all is cooked on a small earthen stove running for wood, in the house is also possible use a gas or electricity, but this special cooking practice is the best. I lived there with mother, father, grandma, grandpa and uncle, other family members - three brothers with their wives - came alternately on weekends. In the house are´t any children, but neirbours have some, so I had immediately a lot small friends curious for a white European girl :) Moreover, they helped me with a translation, if I need something from my new family. Here speak english only uncle Ram, who wasn´t all the time at home. I also try to speak Nepali language, but with a very funny and poor pronouncion.. :)

On the Health Post, I´ve met nice women - Loxmi and Rosmi, which helped me aclimatized and cooperated in the body treatment local people. I tried to work in the best way like a physiotherapist and help what was needed.

Overall, I have good feelings from my staying in Nepal, I met lots of new friends, aquired a own view on this land and try a different lifestyle, if I´m not counting some my health troubles, I was happy in Nepal and enjoyed it. I want to thank my friends from Sedhain family, which took care about me and helped me implemented all my wishes. I appreciate it.