Sponsor children

From the beginning Nepali Children Foundation sponsors children for their education. It arranges “schoolparents” to support these children. These parents contribute to the costs that is made to follow education like school fee, schooldress, shoes and stationary. Nepali Children Foundation supports children till plus 2 level.

It supports children that are really talented and need financial support. After it has checked the situation of the child and she has talked many times with the parents of the child about their situation and motivation, it starts sponsoring this particular child. With this help Nepali Children Foundation hopes these children will not quit school, will not force to child labour or end up in any bad child situation. Nepali Children Foundation noticed that children are very proud they are sponsored. They want to become on A+ level and also competion between students start sometimes at their class.

How can you sponsor a child?

By Facebook (Jolu Arati) or e-mail (jolanda@nepalichildren.com) you can contact Jolanda and you can announce your help for children. Nepali children Foundation will select a child for you. Most of time Nepali Children Foundation will pay schoolfee, schooldress and stationary.

The costs for sponsor a child is 175 euro per year. At our administration we will notice this money will only be spend to your child. When more costs are made, it will be responsibility of the parents. If less costs are made, the money will be safed for next school year. So your payed money will only be spend for the child you know.

The bank account of Nepali Children Foundation is: NL 22 TRIO 0390 9111 94 at the name of Stiching Nepali Children, Swiftcode TRIONL2U.

How do you know your money will be spend properly?

Nepali Children Foundation will control the money:

  • it never gives money to the school, nor parents or children. After school or parents or children show the invoices, it will pay these.
  • it has a contract with the school to check the schoolresults and get information about the private situation of the child.
  • one person at the school provide all information.
  • Also any questions about payment will not be asked to the parents anymore. By this they will have less tension.

How long are you sponsoring a child?

You will pay yearly for the education of your sponsor child. Nepali Children Foundation hopes you will do for long term. But if you want to quit your support, Nepali Children Foundation will continue the financial support of your child and try to find a new sponsor as soon as possible. If Nepali Children Foundation is not able to pay for your child, we must tell the parents that the sponsoring will be stopped.

Please, if you start to sponsor a child, do it for his school life. Do not disappoint parents or children and realize their school career takes 12 years.

How do we inform you?

Nepali Children Foundation realizes that it is important to inform you about your sponsor child. Therefore

  • it is possible to adjust you to the Facebook group Nepali Children.
  • Nepali Children Foundation shows you the invoice how your money is spend
  • Nepali Children Foundation send regularly a newsletter per e-mail