Vision of Nepali Children Foundation: Altruism and Sustainability

The core of altruism is to strive for the well-being of others (man and animal) without regard for your own benefit. The essential part of altruism is to think about the well being of all livings on earth without thinking about your own profits. This means you pay attention to animals, the natural environment, living circumstances, humans, religion and processes of fabrication. World is an holistic system you can only change by altruism.

Nepali Children Foundation has these basic assumptions. This means she is also taking responsibility for all aspects of sustainability. Most people only think about environmental sustainability, but sustainability means a lot more:

  • social sustainability: is the sustainability in any kind of relations. You can always depend on each other. A close knit community is the basis to survive hard times, but also enables personal development and development of the community as a whole.
  • financial sustainability: is a financial healthy system. This means everyone can meet their financial needs without the need for any external financial sources (loans).
  • ecological sustainability: using natural resources optimally, without the use of chemicals and with as little as possible. This means a vegetarian way of life using biological produce from local crops.
  • health: Sickness will be dealt with using the knowledge of the people using herbs and complementary health care as much as possible.

Personal note from Jolanda

No living creature (like myself) wants to suffer, but instead strives for happiness. But what is happiness? I experience happiness when I try to help other people or animals no matter if they are friend or foe. Only pursuing once own happiness without regard for anybody else, will not be satisfying on the long run. In one word: compassion, unconditionally giving love without regard for your own profit. In doing so, you have an eye for the well-being for everyone and everything. Your actions are geared towards mutual trust and cooperation and not for maximizing your own benefits. In daily life this will be realized in small things. Sometimes only listen to someone. This is one of the reasons Nepali Children Foundation is not looking for a lot of profit, but looking for mutual trust and understanding, respect and co-operation.