Many times people contact Nepali Children Foundation for volunteering. It is an unique opportunity to learn a lot about Nepal and Nepali and help organizations who need a lot of manpower. At Nepali Children Foundation, you have different options to contribute:

  • work at guesthouse Home of Nepal and at Nepali Children Hostel (minimum 4 weeks)
  • teaching at a boarding or government school
  • work at another hostel
  • help at a hospital on different units
  • farming
  • manage your own project

During your volunteering time you will stay at Guesthouse Home of Nepal. Nepali Children Foundation provides local food (two times a day dal bhat), tiffin, tea and coffee. Most of time someone is available who speaks English.

The costs for your volunteering work is 15 - 35 euro per day for lodging, food and guidance.

Nepali Children Foundation will search an appropriate working place for you after we received:

  • documents (copy of passport and visa, copy of flight ticket)
  • signed form about terms and conditions.

All you can send by e-mail

Terms and Conditions

Traveling to Nepal

You have to arrange your own transportation to Nepal, paying airport taxes and arranging visa. Also you have to arrange all transportation after your volunteer work. Till Nepali Children Foundation did not receive your flight information, she will not make any arrangements for your volunteering work. Nepali Children Foundation is not responsible for your flicht or other kind of transportation of any costs as result of a canceled flight.

Pick up from airport

Nepali Children Foundation member wil pick up you from the airport at Pokhara. She needs a copy of your flight details.


You are responsible for personal expenses and other costs during your volunteering period that is not directly related to your volunteering work.


Volunteers will not have any payment by Nepali Children Foundation.

Volunteering environment

Nepali Children Foundation wil search an volunteering environment conform you wishes. If you have any complains about it, let it know. Nepali Children Foundation will do her best to find a suitable working place that fits you.

Guesthouse Home of Nepal

Nepal is not a fully developed country. This means it has not the luxury standard as used at Europe. Most of time at guesthouse Home of Nepal is hot water for shower, electricity and wifi available. Nepali Children Guest House is a traditional house. This means the house construction and living circumstances are really basic.


Nepali eat two times a day dal bhat. The first meal is before you are going to your work and the second around 7 or 8 pm. Dal bhat is local food based on rice and curry. You can share any special wishes about food, and Nepali Children Foundation tries to find a solution. Extra costs will be charged. Nepali Children Foundation will provide only food for the period of your volunteering work.


We advice you to have a travel insurance. If you decide not to have such an insurance, Nepali Children Foundation will not be responsible for claims. We advice you to have an insurance for your stay at Nepal, any costs for illness inclusive transportation back to your country and helicopter flight, luggage, medical care, kidnapping, sports, travelling into mountains and liable to yourself, other persons or goods.

Troubles ar your volunteering work

Any inconvenience at your volunteering work you have to try a solution by yourself. But Nepali Children Foundation will always try to help you. It will support you if you have to end your work before the ending of contract by any personal reason or illness.

Your duties

  • You have to follow requests from Nepali Children Foundation. Eg., this can be related to your location of work or overnight stay
  • You have no right to bargaining or make any contracts for labour during your contract period. This will be done by Nepali Children Foundation.
  • You are fully responsible for materials you are using during your volunteering work, even for lost of or damaged materials.
  • You are fully responsible for anyway damage of your overnight stay accomodation by yourself or your guests.
  • Nepal is has a conservative Hindi culture. Therefore you need to follow the rules about behaviour and clothes.
  • It is forbidden to bring children out of the school or hostel. Having overnight stay with children out of their family places or hostel can be followed by huge punishment like jail.

Cancelling and refund

Please inform Nepali Children Foundation as soon as possible when you have to cancel your agreement. Nepali Children Foundation will not refund. Therefore you need to have an insurance. But in some cases we can discuss about only made costs. When you end your contract end earlier because of serious (medical) problems, Nepali Children Foundation will keep your money till you start over again. This has to be done in the duration of one year. Nepali Children Foundation will refund remaining money in some cases.

After signing the contract and reading the text at the website of Nepali Children about rules and regulation, it means you agree. You have to send the signed rules and regulation per e-mail to It must be attached by:

  • copy passport
  • copy visa
  • copy flight ticket

It is possible to make a trekking or tour by Jolanda at Nepal. Together with Jolanda you will make an intenary. You like / do not like to travel by Jolanda.

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