Social activities 2019

At 2019 a lot of things happened. Nepali Children Foundation started very enthusiastic at February 2019 to help three children at Nepali Children Guest House at Madanpur.

Nowadays Nepali Children Foundation knows it was a huge mistake. She found out, after lost of trust in the work relationship with Ram Prasad Sedhain, the registration was still not completed. By this Jolanda was in huge trouble because she could have been accused of child trafficking.

During the stay of Jolanda and Ram at The Netherlands another disaster happened. One girl was sexually intimidate by an uncle of Ram. Her mother immidiatly decided to bring her back home. She started talking about her living circumstances. All her stories were confirmed by the other two children. Nepali Children Foundation decided to close Nepali Children Guest House.

The board members talked a lot with Ram about his behavior and activities. But at June 2019 he decided to quit his job for Nepali Children Foundation. The combination of all the matters Nepali Children Foundation had to move out from Madanpur.

It has huge consequences. We discussed with the sponsor parents what they wanted to do. Only one person wanted to keep going on her sponsoring at Madanpur. Most other parents started to sponsor children at Pokhara, the place where Jolanda lives since December 2018.

After this big tragedy, Nepali Children Foundation turned into a very positive mood. With the help of a lot of Nepali she easily found a safe place for the children at Shishuwa (Pokhara). The registration was finished very fast. From December 2019 all problems are solved. The mother of one of the children became one of the staff members and takes care of the children at Nepali Children Hostel.

Nowadays many Nepali are involved. The most important persons are Sarada Bhandari (Managing director Shishuwa) and Bodharaj Adhikari (Managing director Suikhet). They bring Nepali Children Foundation in contact with a lot of people like a lawyer to make contracts, a landlord for Nepali Children Hostel, school principals, webdesigner an people who are participating in the projects. These people also know the children who needs help most.

Nepali Children Foundation has organized from August 2019 different projects:

  • Two times she organized a dental awareness program (Shishuwa en Suikhet).
  • She supplied clothes to children who lives in very hard circumstances (Shishuwa, Suikhet, Begnastal).
  • At Shishuwa, Suikhet, Parsang (three villages at Pokhara area) Nepali Children Foundation sponsors 25 children.
  • At Begnastal (Pokhara), Nepali Children Foundation organizes a daily school lunch for all 31 students.

If we look back at 2019 the main change is the location of all the activities of Nepali Children Foundation. Nowadays it is an well functioning organization and we are very proud of it. This is how we can go on at 2020.

Nepali Children Foundation learned from her mistakes. This means she involves many people in every decision. It is not common at Nepal, but it gives her more security.

Nepali Children Foundation made the decision that she will start over again but this time at a rented house. Therefore she immediatly kept going on to fulfil her dreams. Nepali Children Foundation also learned that all small activities must be based on contracts.

Nepali Children Foundation is very lucky that she is helping more children than she could have imagined since her registration at December 2016. A lot of people at The Netherlands and at Nepal gives support. Every day we are realizing Nepali Children Foundation needs these people: their practical hep, financial support, volunteering work, and being her guest at Nepal.

But in the mountain area nobody has heard about Nepali Children Foundation. This is the area where people has most of time a very hard time. This is the area where Nepali Children Foundation wants to work. But before she has to learn much more about nature and culture of Nepali. After 2019 she is one step closer to reach her goals.

Social activities at 2018

We planned to open our house for children, called Nepali Children Guest House, before the Dutch summer vacation started. We are calling it a guest house because the government changed the rules to open a hostel a lot. It will be very hard to run a hostel nowadays. The name has been changed but not our ideas about caring children and the participation of their parents. Unfortunately we did not realize to open the guest house at 2018. Maybe it was not possible because parents do not agree to send their children to a government school. In the rural area of Madanpur we have no other option. Therefore we changed our goal and only take care of 5 children from june 2019.

We started to help children on a different way: we sponsor children for their education while they are staying at their own family. With different schools we signed contracts and one teacher will inform us about the school results and personal life of these children.

One of our small projects was to give children during their main festival Dashain clothes. The tailer made the customized clothes but the quality of his work was less than we expected. Therefore will do it next year on a different way: we will support one woman by microfinance. On this way she can start her own business and later return her due. She can make all schooldresses for the children of our NGO.

Ram spends nowadays more time at Madanpur. He likes to give computer lessons, but he did not start. Nepali Children brought two computers but these are not used till now.

Locals also asked us to provide education for very small children who are not able to walk to the school. We are not licenced and start thinking how to manage this idea. Ram really likes to make a playground for children. Also a good idea and maybe we can bring it next year into practice.

For all thes things we need of course money. Therefore we keep going on with our homestay, travellings, selling goods at The Netherlands. Also we started with a coffee farm.

Social activities at 2017

2017 was a year of building our organization. We started two projects. Both are really hard to manage. The first project was started by our guests Ronella Ras and Michiel van Breugel. We are calling this project Keep Madanpur Clean. Together with two schools we cleaned up the environment. We also contacted organizations at Kathmandu to support us. They really like our idea but the schools give very little support. Therefore we must change our aims. This year we only will bring dustbins at some houses. By ginving a good example ourselves, we hope other will follow our ideas. Ram likes to start with computer lessons. In return for following the education they must bring their carbage. The main question is how to change habits of people and make them aware of caring nature and be responsible of their garbage.

Our second project is still under construction. We are planning to give education about menstruation for teenagers. We made already wasable pads and are now writing a book.

Nowadays Ram lives at Madanpur. People notice what we are doing and contact us for help. Therefore we hope next year 10 children will stay at Nepali Children guest house.

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